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Project Ireland 2040 will deliver real investment and proper planning for Limerick – O’Donovan

Added February 16th, 2018

Limerick is going to benefit from real investment and proper planning as a result of Project Ireland 2040.

Limerick TD and Minister Patrick O’Donovan has said the plan will support families and strengthen communities across County Limerick, and will ensure sustainable growth for the future of the county.

Speaking about Project 2040 which was launched by Government today (Friday), Minister Patrick O’Donovan said:

“In the first version of Fine Gael’s Republic of Opportunity document, we said it is time to plan for what Ireland is going to look like in 2040.

“This is our plan for the future of Ireland. For the first time in the history of the State, our spatial planning is backed up with solid investment and it will deliver for our citizens.

“The National Planning Framework which forms part of Project Ireland 2040 sets out how Ireland can grow in a sustainable, balanced fashion over the next twenty years. 50% of population growth is planned for our towns, villages and rural communities and 50% for our cities. Project Ireland 2040 is backed and supported up by a €115bn National Development Plan.

“Limerick together with Shannon and the Shannon-Foynes Port will act as the drivers in the Mid-West supported by sustained investment in regeneration, the Limerick 2030 initiative and improved connectivity with neighbouring cities like Cork and Galway.”

Speaking from Sligo, Patrick O’Donovan said: “I am delighted that the N21 Newcastle West and Abbeyfeale Bypasses have been included and that they will be progressed through pre-appraisal and early planning in 2018. Project Ireland 2040 also includes the M20 Cork – Limerick Road, and the continued work on the Limerick to Foynes and Adare Bypass Road Project. Health capital investment projects in the Mid-West include the development of primary care centres and the upgrading and replacement of community nursing units across the mid-western region. The Maternity Hospital which will transfer to the University Hospital Limerick site in line with the National Maternity Strategy and new patient accommodation will be provided at University Hospital Limerick. A new ambulance base will also be provided in Limerick.”

Limerick is going to benefit from real investment and proper planning thanks to Project Ireland 2040.”

“This sustainable planning for Limerick, backed by real investment, will support families and strengthen communities here. With Project Ireland 2040, Fine Gael is ensuring sustainable growth for the future of Limerick. What’s good for Limerick is also good for the surrounding region,” Patrick O’Donovan said.

O’Donovan welcomes Rebuilding Ireland Home Loan Scheme

Added January 31st, 2018

Limerick TD and Minister Patrick O’Donovan has welcomed the decision by the Government to launch a new local authority mortgage scheme to be called Rebuilding Ireland Home Loan.

“This is a scheme aimed at people who have been refused access to a mortgage by two financial institutions and have particular levels of income for houses under a certain cost. In Limerick the maximum cost of the property will be €250,000 and people can earn up to €50,000 as a single applicant or €75,000 for a couple.”

Patrick O’Donovan added “The scheme announced by the Government is for first time buyers with a deposit and is for all domestic housing properties, including self-build homes. Rates of interest will be charged on a fixed basis for the duration of the loan at between 2% and 2.5%.”

“I believe that this is very good news for many Limerick people who want to own their own home, but at present can’t access a mortgage. I have been pushing for a number of years for an introduction of a scheme like this and I am glad that the Government have been clear that they are not capping the number of people that will be able to access the scheme.”

He added “as a Government we are committed to introducing new measures that will address the current housing shortages both public and private. It’s clear that the steps we’ve taken, are having an effect in terms of numbers of houses under construction, numbers of planning permissions, numbers of commencement notices, numbers at work in construction and the numbers of those we can provide a solution for. However I accept we need to continue to work on this issue facing the country and this mortgage scheme is another element of that.”

The new scheme will open in February and further details on it can be found on the Rebuilding Ireland website, or from Patrick O’Donovan’s constituency office on 069 – 77998

€1.59million investment in Housing for Abbeyfeale: O’Donovan

Added January 11th, 2018

Minister of State Patrick O’Donovan has announced a €1.59million investment for housing in Abbeyfeale.

“This is good news from the Government for Abbeyfeale and it comes after a lot of work from people especially local Councillor Liam Galvin.”

“The money is being allocated by the Government for the construction of nine houses at Colbert Terrace in the town and will allow for work to be completed at the junction of Colbert Terrace and New Street.”

“I know from the time that I was a Councillor that this junction has been an issue and Councillor Liam Galvin has been consistent in his wish to have investment made in the area.”

The money is being allocated by the Department of Housing to Limerick City and County Council and Minister O’Donovan said he believes that the significant investment will both assist in the renewal of the junction and also assist in terms of responding to the housing need.

“Since being appointed as a Minister I’ve worked with my Government colleagues to get investment for Co. Limerick. This is yet a further example of that and having worked with Limerick City and County Council over that period of time to prioritise projects I’m glad to see delivery.”


O’Donovan announces €96,500 for Newcastle West Athletics Track

Added December 21st, 2017

Limerick TD and Minister of State for Finance and Public Expenditure and Reform has announced that Newcastle West is to receive €96,500 in funding from the Government under the Sports Capital Regional Scheme.

“As the Minister who launched the Sports Capital Programme when I was Minister for Sport, I am delighted that Newcastle West is to receive this funding before Christmas for the development of an athletics track. I have been involved with Limerick City and County Council and the local voluntary athletics club on this project since it started and I am delighted now to be able to deliver this funding to Newcastle West. “

This announcement brings the total Sports Capital allocation to the Limerick County Constituency to almost €1.7million.

“The investment by this Government into sports facilities in towns, villages and communities across rural Limerick shows the Government’s commitment to the development of our rural communities. As Minister for Sport I laid out the conditions for the spending of the Sports Capital Programme and this latest allocation will bring the total investment by this Government in this programme to almost €60million.”

“This project which is being invested in by the Government and is being led by Limerick City and County Council will allow for the development of athletics in West Limerick and will provide current and future athletes with the facilities to train and to compete in West Limerick.”

Limerick to receive €135,085 in additional funding under the Local Improvement Scheme – O’Donovan

Added December 12th, 2017

Limerick TD and Minister of State for Finance, Public Expenditure & Reform, Patrick O’Donovan TD has welcomed the news that he has received from the Minister for Rural and Community Development, Michael Ring TD, that Limerick City & County Council is to receive additional funding of €135,085 under the Local Improvement Scheme (LIS). This is on top of the €411,000 that was allocated earlier this year.

Speaking today the Minister of State, Patrick O’Donovan TD said: “this is further good news for rural County Limerick. This funding will allow for the repair and improvement of small roads and laneways leading to local people’s homes and businesses that are not covered under the normal maintenance of the local authority”.

“Funding for Local Improvement Schemes was cut for a time during to the economic downturn and I am glad that this funding has now since been reinstated. I have been in constant communication with my Ministerial colleagues on the importance of the Local Improvement Scheme for people who live in rural Limerick. For people who live in rural areas, road connectivity is hugely important.”

“This is a further commitment by the Department for Rural and Community Development and Minister Michael Ring towards rural county Limerick. I have worked closely with Limerick City & County Council and Minister Ring in securing this funding for the County.”

“This funding along with recent announcements in the Sports Capital Programme €1,583,629, Town & Village Renewal Scheme €1,087,943, the Rural Recreation Scheme €135,270 and Clár €161,730 really shows the commitment by this Government of investing in rural County Limerick.”


Limerick County to receive €1,583,629 under the Sports Capital Programme – O’Donovan

Added November 29th, 2017

Limerick TD and Minister of State for Finance and Public Expenditure, Patrick O’Donovan TD, has said he is delighted with the news that almost €1.6million is to be invested in the Limerick County Constituency under the Sports Capital Program.

“This is fantastic news for Co. Limerick, for the clubs and organisations, their volunteers and the communities that they’re based in. Local sports organisations are constantly trying to improve their facilities and I know the difficulties that they encounter in trying to raise money. This is particularly difficult in smaller communities with small populations, so being able to deliver this money to the constituency as a Minister is important for me.”

“When I was Minister for Sport I reopened the Sports Capital Programme for applications because I could see the need for investment in our communities. I convinced my Government colleagues that this was needed and I’m delighted now to say that sixty different projects in our area are being funded through this programme.”

Patrick O’Donovan said he understood that not every club got what they had looked for and some were unsuccessful in their efforts; however he said that Minister Brendan Griffin had awarded funds to those clubs whose applications were valid.

He added that as Minister for Sport he had managed to have the scheme put on an annual basis. “This means that the Department of Transport, Tourism and Sport will be able to open applications again for clubs and organisations to seek funding under the scheme in the near future, and as someone who has seen the benefit of the programme as Minister for Sport I certainly will be pushing Government to do that once these allocations have been awarded.”

“This is good news for the towns, villages and parishes across Co. Limerick who will receive this funding. The funding means that construction companies across Limerick will be able to get local contracts in the community, something which I know will be a very positive thing for our rural economy.”

Sports Capital Programme Limerick County Allocations 2017
Project Grant Awarded
Abbeyfeale FC €38,000
Abbeyfeale RFC €33,500
Adare Recreation €55,000
Adare United €23,000
Athea AFC €10,500
Athea GAA €24,000
Aughinish Diving Club €12,000
Bally Rovers FC €6,000
Ballyhourna Development CLG €4,000
Ballylanders GAA €4,500
Blackrock GAA Club €7,000
Broadford United AFC €32,500
Bruff GAA €22,500
Caherline GAA €25,000
Cappagh GAA €9,000
Cappamore GAA €74,500
Carrickerry Sports Association Ltd €19,000
Castletown/Ballyagran GAA €49,500
Crecora Camogie Club €1,000
Crecora GAA €14,000
Croom GAA €64,500
Doon GAA €68,000
Dromin Athlacca GAA €54,000
Effin GAA €11,000
Feenagh / Kilmeedy GAA €10,000
Foynes Yacht Club €16,500
Fr. Caseys GAA €46,500
Galbally RFC €1,000
Garyspillane GAA €30,500
Granagh / Ballingarry GAA €41,000
Granagh Camogie €3,629
Holycross AFC €29,000
Hospital Handball Club €43,500
Kilfrush Crusaders FC €3,000
Killeedy GAA €68,000
Kilmallock United AFC €36,500
Kilteely Dromkeen GAA €76,000
Knockainey AFC €60,000
Knockane GAA €50,000
Limerick & Clare Education & Training Board (Askeaton) €69,500
Loughill Community Council (ABHA Bhan Parish Park Ltd) €49,500
Newcastle Community Centre €18,000
Newcastle West AFC €18,500
Newcastle West GAA €80,000
Newcastle West Golf Club €8,500
Newcastle West Rovers FC €18,000
Newcastle West (MUGA) €29,000
Patrickswell Community Council €23,000
Rathkeale Boxing Club €2,000
Shanagolden Community Council €5,500
Shountrade Soccer Club €3,000
Springfield Basketball Club €1,500
Ardagh District Recreational & Sporting Company Ltd €7,500
St Senans GAA €40,000
St. Marys Sean Finns €11,000
Team Adare Cycling Club €3,500
West Limerick Sports Complex €18,500
Total €1,583,629

€84,000 in funding for Limerick towns and villages to mark 60th anniversary of Tidy Towns – O’Donovan

Added November 20th, 2017

Limerick TD and Minister of State for Finance, Public Expenditure and Reform, Patrick O’Donovan TD has welcomed the news that Towns and villages in Limerick are set to benefit from €84,000 in Government funding to mark 60th anniversary of Tidy Towns.

The funding was announced this week by the Minister for Rural & Community Development, Michael Ring TD.

This scheme will allow each local committee to apply for a grant of between €1000 and €4000 to support the work they do.

Patrick O’Donovan TD said: “I am delighted to see even more funding going to towns and villages here in Limerick. I have no doubt that the money will be a huge boost to our local communities and will be put to great use.

“This funding is an acknowledgment from our Government of the amazing work that has been done by tidy town’s organisations up and down the county for the last 60 years. These organisations have played in integral role in our local communities for decades now.

“TidyTowns competition inspires a huge amount of voluntary effort in towns and villages across the country. I would like to extend my sincere thanks to all those who give up their free time to make our communities better places to live.

“Being a volunteer with TidyTowns allows individuals to practice their passion for the good of their community, whether that passion concerns the built environment, landscaping, sustainable living, and local wildlife or organising a litter collection; there is a place for it in TidyTowns.

This funding for 63 TidyTowns organisations here in Limerick, will not just celebrate the last 60 years, but also help us look towards the future.”

Minister Michael Ring said: “This investment is a further sign of the Government’s commitment to supporting our towns and villages. In October I announced €21.6 million in funding under the Town and Village Renewal Scheme which will help revitalise over 280 towns and villages across rural Ireland.

“The grant scheme announced today is a once off investment by the Department of Rural and Community Development to mark the 60th anniversary of the TidyTowns competition in 2018 and is additional to the support provided by the Department on an ongoing basis.”




All applicants, who have applied to enter the competition, in any of the past 3 years will be eligible. Pobal will administer the scheme on behalf of the Department and will contact all eligible groups directly over the coming weeks to facilitate the drawdown of the funding.

Under the scheme villages are eligible to receive €1,000; small towns are eligible to receive €2,000, large towns are eligible to receive €3,000; and large urban centres are eligible to receive €4,000.

TidyTown Group  Award
Kilmallock €2,000
Garryspillane €2,000
Kilmeedy €1,000
Kilteely €1,000
Kilfinane €1,000
Abbeyfeale €2,000
Adare €2,000
Ardpatrick €1,000
Askeaton €2,000
Ballyorgan €1,000
Broadford €1,000
Croagh €1,000
Croom €2,000
Feenagh €1,000
Foynes €1,000
Galbally €1,000
Glenbrohane €1,000
Glenosheen €1,000
Glin €1,000
Hospital €2,000
Knocklong €1,000
Mountcollins €1,000
Murroe €2,000
Newcastle West €3,000
Rathkeale €2,000
Templeglantine €1,000
Tournafulla €1,000
Doon €1,000
Dromcollogher €1,000
Athea €1,000
Castleconnell €2,000
Ballyhahill €1,000
Bruff €1,000
Cappamore €1,000
Glenroe €1,000
Kilbehenny €1,000
Knockainey €1,000
Castlemahon €1,000
Caherconlish €2,000
Kildimo €1,000
Oola €1,000
Ballyneety €1,000
Annacotty €2,000
Clarina €1,000
Distillery View Estate €1,000
Anglesborough €1,000
Moyross €2,000
Caherdavin €2,000
Woodlawn €1,000
Elton €1,000
Carew Kincora €2,000
Limerick City Centre €4,000
Delmege Park €1,000
O Malley Keyes Parks €1,000
Weston €1,000
Carabullane €1,000
Rockhill Bruree €1,000
Meadowbrook Corbally €1,000
Gouldavoher €1,000
Weston Gardens €1,000
Kilcornan €1,000
Garrienderk €1,000
Southill €2,000


Limerick Libraries set to benefit from €196,785 funding- O’Donovan

Added November 9th, 2017

Minister of State for Finance, Public Expenditure & Reform, Patrick O’Donovan TD, has welcomed the news that libraries in Limerick are set to benefit from €196,785 in funding.

The funding was announced this week by the Minister for Rural & Community Development, Michael Ring TD.

Minister O’Donovan said this represents an unprecedented Government investment in our public libraries. The funding will allow for the modernisation of our library service and for the extension of library opening hours.

“This investment package comprises €147,588 from the Department of Rural and Community Development, supplemented by additional funding of €49,197 from Limerick City & County Council. This funding is in addition to significant funding already provided by Minister Ring’s Department for public libraries here this year.”

“Here in Limerick this investment will enable the implementation of our new public library strategy which will be launched early next year and which will be focused on modernising the public library service and enhancing the range and quality of services available to users. This programme of funding demonstrates Fine Gaels continued commitment to the public library service over the coming five-year period of the strategy.”

O’Donovan welcomes new beds for St. Ita’s

Added October 12th, 2017

Limerick TD and Minister Patrick O’Donovan has welcomed news from the HSE that four new rehabilitation beds are to open in St. Ita’s Community Hospital. Newcastle West. The decision represents an investment of €310,000 in the Hospital.

“This is fantastic news for St. Ita’s Hospital and brings the total number of rehab beds in the hospital to eighteen. The new unit where the beds are to be located has fourteen beds and is able to accommodate the four new beds.”

“The HSE have confirmed to me that the four new beds which are being made available from increased spending in Health, which will see an initial €310,000 invested will result in six new positions for nurses and therapists in the Hospital.”

“Over the last number of years as a TD and a Minister I have worked closely with; the Department of Health, the HSE, the local management of St. Ita’s and the Friends of St. Ita’s to press for more investment in the Hospital. In that time I have arranged for a number of Minister’s to visit the Hospital, together with several meetings with the HSE during that period.”

“I want to acknowledge the work of the HSE locally in Limerick in securing the investment needed to deliver of these beds. This investment will make a huge difference to individuals and families who are seeking rehab and underlines the importance of St. Ita’s to the delivery of health in our region.”

“These beds will help the flow of patients out of acute hospitals including University Hospital Limerick, before they are in a position to go home. They will also allow people who have experienced a debilitating event to have their independence maximised.”

Patrick O’Donovan paid tribute to the staff of the Hospital and the Friends of St Ita’s who he said have worked tirelessly to advance the Hospital and the local community in West Limerick for the continued and ongoing support to St. Ita’s.

“The HSE have confirmed to me that these beds will open in the coming weeks.”

Over €1million in funding to Limerick under the Town and Village Renewal Scheme: O’Donovan

Added October 4th, 2017

Minister Patrick O’Donovan TD has welcomed the news from his colleague Michael Ring TD to allocate €1,087,943 to thirteen locations in Co. Limerick under the Town and Village Renewal Scheme.

“This is fantastic news for rural Co. Limerick and is a clear example of how important it is to have someone like Michael Ring working for small towns and villages. Each one of these projects has been applied for by Limerick City and County Council after a great deal of consultation. Over the last few months I have worked very closely with Michael and the Council to ensure that Limerick did well and I am very happy with the result we have achieved.”

“I have been told by Michael Ring that the following areas and amounts are to be awarded; Abbeyfeale €20,000, Adare €100,000, Bruff €40,000, Bruree €52,119, Foynes €100,000, Hospital €34,400, Kantoher €100,000, Kilmallock €98,464, Knockaderry €49,136, Loughill €94,485, Murroe €99,339, Newcastle West €100,000 and Rathkeale €200,000.”

Patrick O’Donovan added “Each one of these areas has submitted well thought out projects for consideration by the Minister and he has responded positively. It is now up to the Council to make sure that the money is spent, and he has been very clear that he is not happy with a situation where money is not spent after a long delay locally. He wants to make sure that this is not the case with this scheme.”

Minister O’Donovan also said that he would be continuing to work with local groups across Limerick into the future to see how schemes like this can be enhanced to benefit even more places and he added that it is a priority of the Government to invest in our towns and villages.

“Michael Ring has said that he will be making further allocations under the Town and Village Renewal Scheme and is encouraging local communities to work with their TD’s and Councillors to start the process of preparing the work so as to be ready for future allocations of funds.”

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